Your personal adventure in the green hell

Sporty, ambitious drivers who want to improve their driving technique and driving safety on the Nordschleife will get their money’s worth here.

Track Day

  • PThe maximum of 100 participants are divided into small groups of 6 people and max. 7 sections.
  • P With section training, free driving, guided driving and a final exam, the two days will gives you 16h driving time and approx. 800km - 1,300km.
  • PFrom rookie to expert - we have the right group for you.
  • PThe groups are divided according to driving ability and circle of friends. Switching is usually not a problem.

The small groups enable individual coaching.
In the sections, the instructor first drives ahead and the participants’ vehicles follow.
Here you can ride in front of and behind the instructor. This gives you valuable tips for braking and turning points.

You will receive more detailed information when you register or on request.

Max. participants

Hours driving time

KM route

Our instructors


In parts:

Frank Stippler, Frank Schmickler, Arno Klasen, Dr. Edgar Althoff, Stephan Köhler, Friedhelm Mihm, Thomas Koll, Dieter Schornstein, Georg Silbermayr, Michael Jacobs, Bruno Beulen, Manuel Schütte, Martin Stucky, Célia Martin,Torsten Kratz und viele mehr…